Ceylonese Wedding - The Milk Bath

Every culture's wedding ceremonies is unique already with their own customs and traditions. For example an Indian wedding will have many similarities across all the Indian traditions and yet it's their sub-culture's customs which makes them stand out individually, thus we are able to differentiate which sub-culture they belong to.

The milk bathing ceremony is practiced by Ceylonese Indians, they are from Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, an island just at the south of India.

It takes place very early at home of the groom before they just before they start the journey to the temple proper to perform the wedding ceremony. Blessings from elders are a must to ensure good fortunes and well being of the groom.

We at Jet Fynn Photography have done plenty of these. Thanks to the environment that we are operating in - Malaysia, Truly Asia!  

Pregnancy - A time of joy seeing the baby growing inside

Being pregnant for mothers to be is a time of enjoying another human being is growing inside her. The anticipation over the whole 9 months or maybe to some a little bit earlier almost always brings a lot of mixed emotional feelings from one extreme to another.

Then again, the joys always overcomes the fears everytime the baby kicks or moves around inside. Ahhhh.......motherhood.

For us at Jet Fynn Photography studio here in Ipoh, we alway strive to preserve that moments as a memory to last a lifetime. Perhaps to show the child when the time comes how she carried him/her to term during pregnancy.

A simple portrait session will do or maybe to some couples who wanted more elaborate set ups, that can be arranged.

Please give us a call to make appointments @ O16-523 O161

How much is that doggie that you two are kissing?

At Jet Fynn Photography Studio, customers at times have special requests to include "family" in their wedding photos. Well, dogs are "family" right?

The timing of this shot was just right and we only did a few takes to get this though its actually quite challenging. The doggie was a bit scared of the flashing lights but then this is a wrap.......

Graduate with STYLE!

Looking at a lot of graduation studio shoots over the years, we have always strived to make our customer's personality stands out other than the traditional posed graduation shoot.

Hence, we do customise the poses, how the graduate looks, so on and so forth. Well, that being said, we noticed that when they are at ease with themselves, the sessions tend to be very lively and fun!

If you know anyone who would like to have their graduation photoshoot done a little bit differently and with our unique customised style, just look for us. Our studio, Jet Fynn Photography is based here in Ipoh Garden South or perhaps you would like us to set up a mobile studio at your house option also available.

Ipoh Photographer, Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are always a colourful affair with an avalanche of colours coming from all directions so much so that the white balance is always a challenge to cover.

Gong Xi Fa Cai from Team Jet Fynn Photography

There is always a time to celebrate and at times we celebrate while working to capture beautiful memories for our clients. At the same time, we do enjoy ourselves too as our team have always done.

The reason being that is due to the fact that we do love to capture images that our clients will keep as a historical keepsakes for future generations. With that thought embedded in all our team members even before they joined us, we believe that the cause for our existence is fully justified as our hearts are set at the right places instead of thinking of doing our job as work.

As Chinese New Year comes once every year, all of us take our time off to celebrate and remind ourselves to be prosperous in wealth, health and also not forgetting wisdom too.

Here we are wishing everyone "GONG X FA CAI!"

P/S: There were a few more members in the team not featured here as they were working elsewhere during this shot which was done during a company annual dinner for King Hup Motors Sdn.Bhd. I…

The wonderful look of the elders during a wedding

Weddings involves a lot of people especially family members who have seen at least one the couple from young until they are finally married.

The tea ceremony is a culmination of all the blessings from the elders by accepting the gesture of the tea.

At times, in fact, most of the time, the joys of the elders in seeing that the couple is tying the knot makes them feel so overjoyed that they cannot hide the fact even if they tried.

Once clients engage us as the official photographers, it is our duty to capture these pictures so that this moments can be relived again and again in the future.

Although we are Ipoh based photographers and videographers, we do travel outstation as well, just call us at 016-5230161 for more details.