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Swiss Groom, Australian Bride, Ipoh Photographer

This is some pages from Marco and Kia's album. Interesting couple where one person from the northern hemisphere marries someone from the southern hemisphere. Love knows no boundaries..........

Received an email and a call from Australia enquiring about our wedding photography, Kia asked, "Are you available for my wedding?" Checked the calendar, yes, Yes, YES! I'm available......

Keep cool, Min Ho. Keep cool.....

Anyway, the day came and we went on shooting happily and delivered. They even ordered 3 wedding albums. 1 for themselves and one each for their own parents!

Another Happy Couple. Thanks Marco & Kia for giving us the opportunity to capture your day!

Malaysian Groom, Singapore Bride, Ipoh Photographer

This series does show that love always crosses all boundaries and borders. Mixed culture weddings do always comes about something interesting to see and experience. This Singapore based couple (Kean Beng and Faziana) came back to Ipoh to have their wedding ceremony chinese style.

All the pictures are taken by Cassandra, one of our photographers attached to us, Jet Fynn, the Ipoh based photographers.

My First Digital Wedding Shoot

This series was one of the first few weddings taken with during the early days of digital SLR for us Jet Fynn the Ipoh Photographers after spending so many years using the trustworthy film cameras. Once we started with this, we did not look back since......

Now most of the remaining film stock has expired due to this conversion to digital.

The workflow and the whole process of digital has actually changed the way we do our shots. Previously during film days we had to make sure every shot is a keeper, hence the pictures taken then was rather conservative and hence "safe".

When digital came, we had fun doing what we wanted to do or the items that was pent-up due to the limitations of film was no longer an issue, we really experiment on our images. This early series' angles was still rather conservative though. Perhaps it's due to being used to film..... a lot of getting used to.

The results from the experimentation are as above:

Is this the GROOM?

After being a wedding photographer for so many years, one can think they have seen it all. Trust me, there will be days where something new or something interesting out of the ordinary will happen. In fact, every wedding has it's differences here or there subjective to the culture concern but this one is one which beats them all!

In any chinese wedding, in fact all weddings, the wedding couple usually follows a certain tradition when it comes to wedding attire. The groom will wear a coat, a tuxedo or for the more traditional ones, perhaps a traditional chinese coat.

Surprise, SURPRISE! When it came to this one the groom had other ideas.....

which came as a surprise to almost all of us! Wearing only a jacket, "pagoda" t-shirt clad in jeans and casual shoes holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers to woo the bride.

The bride is of course looking her best in her full wedding gown waiting for her 'knight' in shining armour....err until he came, looking like the above.....


Wedding shot from the 1990's

Found this gem while cleaning up the cupboard and took me back to the early days of actual day wedding photography using film. Then there's no digital memory and we need to make sure every click counts because if the picture don't turn out the way it was visualized, then it's cost and also wastage.

I can still remember clearly this actual day wedding shot taken in the room of the bride before the arrival of the groom with the trusty old Yashica FX3 with Carl Zeiss T-Planar lens + a center spot filter. If I can recall, it's the bride's house located somewhere in Pasir Puteh, Ipoh.

Ahhh...those were the days before computer, digital and photoshop changed the entire landscape of wedding photography or photography for that matter.

Photography Classes II

Teaching theory lessons in class sometimes is a little too academic. As such, we went for an outdoor actual shoot that would spice up somewhat mundane classroom environment.(All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, or Jill for that matter)

Took them for an outdoor shoot in Taman D.R. Seenivasagam where they spent a couple of hours shooting a list of specified items that they have learnt in class. More specifically they have to submit their pictures for valuation and grading.

These are more shots of my students in action. Sometimes observing them in action brings me back to the days when I learnt photography using film more than 20 years ago. Nowadays with digital, the learning process is not that painful to the pocket and the waiting period in between shots is reduced to looking at the LCD panel at the back of the camera.

Then again, though we may be seriously learning photography, some of the students do take the time to have fun along the way.....

Should I penalise them? Nah.....

Photography Classes

By just being a photographer sometimes is not enough. The joy of taking pictures and just sharing with customers their pictures is a good start. The joy and the "look" of the customers when they see themselves in the pictures that we take gives us tremendous satisfaction as it is.

The better way to get that kind of satisfaction is actually being able to share the knowledge around and get more people acquiring the skills to capture better pictures. Hence, we have photography classes for people who may want to learn more.

Some of our close friends and well wishing friends have asked this question. Would they take away your business? Personally, if they want to. Why not? Perhaps they could even be a part of the company as well.

Here's some of the pictures taken some time back when I was conducting classes for a reputable college here in Ipoh.

Perhaps I should start another class now. It's been quite some time now that I didn't do this.