Is this the GROOM?

After being a wedding photographer for so many years, one can think they have seen it all. Trust me, there will be days where something new or something interesting out of the ordinary will happen. In fact, every wedding has it's differences here or there subjective to the culture concern but this one is one which beats them all!

In any chinese wedding, in fact all weddings, the wedding couple usually follows a certain tradition when it comes to wedding attire. The groom will wear a coat, a tuxedo or for the more traditional ones, perhaps a traditional chinese coat.

Surprise, SURPRISE! When it came to this one the groom had other ideas.....

which came as a surprise to almost all of us! Wearing only a jacket, "pagoda" t-shirt clad in jeans and casual shoes holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers to woo the bride.

The bride is of course looking her best in her full wedding gown waiting for her 'knight' in shining armour....err until he came, looking like the above.....

This is one reason one can never be bored being a wedding photographer...


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