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Hee Tat & Wai Miin Pre Wedding

One of the more challenging Pre-wedding Photoshoot that we have encountered in our entire working life as a photographer.

The whole shoot took us only 2 hours from the beginning to the end. Have to thank Wai Miin for letting us have the opportunity for this challenging project!

Shafiq's Birthday

This birthday assignment was called by the grandma and was held in Kinderland School.

The guest of honour is actually Hamburglar from Mac Donald's! All the classmates had fun with the games and of course, the food as well.

Kids really can enjoy themselves! Glad to be part of the celebration capturing their wonderful day!

Siu and Fa Pre-Wedding indoors and outdoor

One of the interesting couples that we have as they came all the way from Teluk Intan to get us, the Ipoh Photographers to capture their pre-wedding shoot.

The shoot was taken indoors at our studio and for outdoors, we went to Gunung Lang for the scenic shots. Sunny day when we went and the results was very nice. Luckily there's no rain that day.

Roy and Fran ROM reception

There are a lot of couples who went to their ROM (Registrar of Marriages) and just have a private party. Then again, there are others who celebrate their ROM with a joyous dinner similar to a wedding reception by itself.

Roy and Fran is one of the couples who celebrated their union this way and with fun too!

By the way, they celebrated this in Clearwater Sanctuary, Batu Gajah.

money, Money, MONEY!

Ang Pow money collected during a wedding sometimes is used to offset the costs of a wedding, in particular a Chinese one.

Due to security reasons, the trend is to ask someone trustworthy to count the money immediately during dinner so that the restaurant can be paid in cash.

As such, to be able to take these pictures, sometimes the person must be trustworthy enough to be able to get into the "secret" room. (Normally provided by the restaurant for this purpose, also for the bride to change clothes midway during a dinner)

Can anyone guess how much cash is there?

Hai Tao Sifu & Chuan Tze Sifu

Both are prominent monks from Taiwan and China respectively and known for their works for spreading Buddhism.

Well respected and revered. Their visit to Ipoh was a great blessing. The last picture showed them on the ground breaking ceremony for Anning Old Folks Home's new building currently still in construction.

Nana & Saidi Wedding

Ah....... The wedding of Nana & Saidi. Who can forget them?

Nana, who came over to our studio and checked our availability for her wedding. And we had to sadly tell her the date that she gave us was booked by another couple.

She went away feeling not so good. We feel bad too. But then 1 week later, she came back and told us she has CHANGED her wedding date to suit our busy schedule!

We are glad and VERY HONOURED to have such an interesting couple who gave us the confidence to cover their wonderful wedding.

MySense Boutique

We were asked to do a advertisement shoot for MySense Boutique. They provided the model, make-up, hairdo and all the clothes. We just do our thing at the studio.

At first we noticed that the model is not really experienced and we had to basically educate her on the basics of modelling before we managed to get these shots.

Baby Jia Jia

Some baby shots of Jia Jia taken in our studio. She is one cool baby where no matter what we tried, she just stayed cool throughout the entire photo session.


Found this interesting foreign word for a simple food condiment when I went to Vietnam recently.

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