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Double "HEI" Chinese Word

The double "HEI" word is the most used word in any chinese wedding as it represents DOUBLE HAPPINESS for the couple. They are used sparingly throughout a wedding.

In the olden days, it used to be cut from a single piece of red paper and almost exclusively done by the tai kum jie. ( The person who's a wedding consultant to the family on matters pertaining to the rituals and ceremonies to be followed)

Nowadays it's available in many forms other than the traditional paper cut. There's the newer version where it's mass produced in the form of stickers to accommodate increasing demand for convenience and also the traditional red paper seemed to be difficult to source too.

Modern designs to the word also appeared in recent times just like the above picture.

Incidently, this picture angle is also a popular style used by a lot of actual day wedding photographers of which I noticed.

Syuen Hotel Ballroom for Wedding Function

Syuen Hotel Ballroom has one of the biggest space or ballroom area in Ipoh. The ambience is there for a grand wedding and can even be expanded until the Silverboat Restaurant area in case one might need to add more tables.

The stage is a large one where people from the back can also view without any problems. There is also ample space for projector sized backdrops too.

If one were to spend a little more on decorations, the place can light up and the ambience can be much better.

We have done many weddings and functions there and always come back with sweet memories as there can be many variable themes available from the management.

Commercial Product Shoot - Clay Products

We were asked to do a commercial shoot at our Ipoh Studio for a company that deals with stones and clay based materials.

And the additional item in the list was we had to come out with the design as well. Done that and the sample is as the above. Shrank the file a bit small. maybe post a bigger file later.

Ooi Family Studio Shoot

We are always looking for the "fun" element when it comes to family shoot. There will always be the "formal" shoot and then again, there's the fun shoot.

This is one of the "fun" shoot that we always liked to shoot at our studio.

Compare this with the formal shoot, can you see the difference?

Fridge Magnet Gifts Item for Mandy's Wedding

We just filled an order for Mandy's wedding recently.

Here's the picture of the finished item packed and ready to be sent!

Charles and Adeline Wedding

Charles and Adeline from Singapore who came to us for to cover their wedding dinner. We had an impromptu outdoor shoot at Old Town Kopitiam and we had fun doing the photoshoot amidst the pre-war style building just in front of Ipoh Padang.

Who says Agama School is Boring?

Sometimes religious schools or agama schools is misunderstood by a lot of people as being boring or maybe restrictive.

Actually they are just like us, normal people. Kids, they really know how to have fun when they want to.

This picture showed them in the fun mode.


Sometimes I'm asked, what equipments do you use for your photography work? Now this is a question that I would like to answer.

I would say it's subjective to the event or what is the job entails. Let's take an example of a wedding.

Here below would be a typical amount of equipment taken out for a wedding photography event.
The emphasis is: backup, Backup, BACKUP!

Golf Tournament in Meru Golf Club

Dug out some pics from the archives and this is the first golf tournament that I have covered. Met a number of nice golfers in this event and all had a great time playing the field in Meru Club.

Event organised by Ipoh Container Terminal or ICT for short.