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One of our ex-photographer opened a studio in England

Candy Leong, one of our ex-photographer actually went over to London, England to set up her own studio called Romance B.

This is her website:

This is the link to her facebook site:

Here's wishing her all the best in her undertakings in England and elsewhere too! Perhaps there might be people from Malaysia who would like to have their bridal studio photography done in London, England before coming back to Malaysia could give her a tinker!

Kids can be very spontaneous!

Photographing children is one avenue where one needs to expect the unexpected. Some may be quiet on one end and the other end is just very, very challenging with those who are extremely hyperactive.

During a course of photoshoot, be it in the studio or in their "natural" environment. ie: their own house, things that we have to look out for is their propensity to be curious about "this stranger" who carries a bulky thingy trying to play monkey in front of them..... errrr

Anyway, it's fun! Here's a few of the shots that we have taken out from the files to share.

February Specials for couples

I know, I know, Chinese New Year isn't over yet. Then again, we are announcing this offer early so that couples who are in love or about to fall in love or on the road to become a couple have something to remember for the occasion.

February always brings on the romantic feelings in a lot people especially when Valentine's Day falls on this auspicious month.

For us? We would like to record that "feeling" visually for the special couples who would like to keep their memories for only a token sum of RM38.00 for:

1) Photo shoot at studio
2) 3 poses. 1 personal portrait each and 1 couple photo.
3) Editing and printing of the selected pictures on high quality 4R for keepsakes!

BONUS for readers of this blog and also Facebook fans!

Additional 2 copies wallet sized photos FREE!

P/S: Please confirm your booking by calling 016-5230161 NOW!

Fridge Magnet cum Note Holder

This is one of the items that is practical and yet has more uses to the giver and receivers.

First, it has a picture of the giver, in this case, the wedding couple.
Second, it is nice to be able to put on the refrigerator for all to see.
Third, it also acts as a note holder for the small notes. ie: grocery list, reminders, etc...etc...

Most importantly, it can be personalised to include any picture with added meaningful words that you may want to put on it.

Minimum order is only 50 pcs @ RM3.50 per pc.
Quantity discounts available, just enquire.

Jenny & Kim Loong Wedding

Jenny and Kim Loong, one of our couples who forgo the traditional bridal studio shoot and opted only for the Actual Day Wedding Photography only. Thus during the actual day, there were plenty of questions asked,

ie: "Where is your wedding photos?"

The answer was simple: "You will be in it as it's been taken now, look at the photographer over there!"

At first glance, Kim Loong really looks like the Hong Kong actor Leong Chiu Wai. Perhaps if the need a body double, they can ask us where to find him. ;) The day with them was fun as both of them has the kind of intimate communication link between them. (Sometimes the body gesture is enough to tell a story.....)

Dad, Mum & a Baby

Family shoot that involves a small baby have to be fast and only a few clicks should wrap up the job. We can't be shooting like a modelling photoshoot where the flash keeps on blinking, right?

Have to be sensitive to the small little baby's eyes, just in case.....

Anyway, any addition to the family is always a welcomed joy. Pictures like these almost always ends up printed in credit card size to be kept in the wallets. I'm still keeping mine.

Welcoming a Happy 2009!

With 2008 behind us, the resolutions for the year 2009, err......(Did not really think of it yet! Been really busy.)

Anyway, one of the items in mind would be to share more news and stories about the people that we photograph.

We still have quite a reasonable number of clients for the year 2008 though we have kept such a low profile all these while.

As we tried to clear some items from our HDD which seems to be full all the time, we came across 1 item which mentioned us in the newspaper. We are posting this to share..... Perhaps this year we will strive to be higher profiled on our activities.