My First Digital Wedding Shoot

This series was one of the first few weddings taken with during the early days of digital SLR for us Jet Fynn the Ipoh Photographers after spending so many years using the trustworthy film cameras. Once we started with this, we did not look back since......

Now most of the remaining film stock has expired due to this conversion to digital.

The workflow and the whole process of digital has actually changed the way we do our shots. Previously during film days we had to make sure every shot is a keeper, hence the pictures taken then was rather conservative and hence "safe".

When digital came, we had fun doing what we wanted to do or the items that was pent-up due to the limitations of film was no longer an issue, we really experiment on our images. This early series' angles was still rather conservative though. Perhaps it's due to being used to film..... a lot of getting used to.

The results from the experimentation are as above:


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