How we work

In the scheme of things, we have to work in many local and sometimes in other areas which we haven't been before. Hence, impromptu shooting after say a few minutes of recce in a surrounding area will suffice especially when the luxury of time is a main factor when we do these types of outdoor shoot.

Weather conditions also play a big part in deciding whether the planned outdoor shoot can take place or not.

When we do have an outdoor shoot, it will always end in a fun time for all those involved as we will ask the couples to do the conventional stuffs and not to forget, the fancy stuffs as well.

This was taken in Batu Kurau. The day had a very heavy rain and all the original plan for the outdoor shoot was washed away and the "supposed" river dunking session had to be called off as the river had fast rising waters and the current was also too strong for comfort.

Due to that we had to stay on ground level for most of the outdoor shoot.


lotsachi said…
glad to know that we have you as an artist (thru lens) as well in our family. it's really genetic, huh. ;P

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