Graduation Photography with a Difference! For Ipoh and other areas as well.


Sometimes we get enquiries from many clients asking us whether we do something different from what the usual studios are offering. We actually do a lot more than the common "walk in, smile, click!, thank you!"

We take time to actually know you a little, ask you what type of response you like to have from people looking at your graduation photos. Some would like to have grand looking graduation pictures / portraits, some may want to show that "sense of achievement", some would like to be proud of themselves and some would ask for something really out of the ordinary. (That we always do....hehehehe.)

Hence, our graduation pictures have many of our clients recommending their juniors and other friends to check us out. We may not post much here, just drop by and tell us what you want and we will take it from there.

Though our photography studio is based in Ipoh, to date, we have had clients not only from Ipoh, we had people from Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Kedah, Melaka and even graduates from Sarawak as well!

Hope to see ya soon!

Just call us to make an appointment at 016 - 523 0161
We also have outdoor shoot too!

P/S: The client loved above shot very, very much!

Other "serious" samples:




a n g e | i n e said…
How about in UUM, Kedah? :)
Minho said…
UUM, Kedah? We do travel as well! Just tell us the date and make an appointment. Costs will be lower if shared amongst fellow graduates. Call for more details at 01six-523 0161. Thanks.
Unknown said…
Hye, can you send to me Quotation/price for convocation days at POLITEKNIK KULIM.. please send to

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