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Going to Vietnam today. Excited over the prospect of shooting in the nice place called Halong Bay, Hanoi and others........

Pre Wedding Shoot

Yesterday was one of the days that a lot of things happen at the spur of the moment. The outdoor pre-wedding shoot was planned to be somewhere nice, but then we went a bit wild and go to the new overhead bridge near Pantai Hospital for a photoshoot. Adjourned to Sunway Lost World but got adventurous and straight we went to the Pencil Rock for a nice salon style shoot.

My first post in this blog!

Well, what to write? What to do? How to start? Where shall I begin? These things are in my mind now that I have started this blog. Getting inspirations won't too difficult it seems, but then the journey of a thousand miles always starts with the first step. The question is how? I'll think about it.