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Magazine Cover Layout

This magazine cover layout was done in 2005 when digital SLR's are still in it's infancy. It was also my first try at handling the intricacies of using photo editing software to gain some impact on the presentation. There were many tries before this final layout was accepted. This picture has been used as an icon in many forums that I have signed in and I'm still attached to this one image. Personally have even updated the company Facebook using this image too. Ah well...... Only time will tell.

Michael & Mei Chan at St.Michael's Institution

One of the more interesting places to have an outdoor shoot in and around Ipoh would be this place. St. Michael's Institution, Ipoh. We the Ipoh, Perak Photographers had that opportunity when Michael and Mei Chan confirmed us for their actual day wedding. It was Michael who went to all the trouble to get the official permission to take their outdoor wedding photographs there. At first, the security personnel there refused to allow us in until the clearance was given. Then again, she would follow us everywhere as we were going around the school to take the various locations and angles. In order to get into this place however, needs a proper permission from the school. It helps if you are an ex-student there.

Kohila Devan & Reshma

This is one of the more memorable Indian weddings that we, the Ipoh Photographers have covered in recent times. What made this wedding a special one is the multi cultural and the multi religious aspect of the celebrations. ie: Morning - Indian Temple Ceremony Afternoon - Simple and yet interesting outdoor shoot. Evening - This one started of with a traditional Lion Dance. Hmmmmm.... A very Chinese "Lion Dance" in an Indian Wedding? This is already very interesting until dinner was about to be served. - Then a pastor came up on stage and gave a blessing before all of us partake in the food. We were like..... WOW! Indian, Chinese and even Christianity in an Indian Wedding. Not in my life I have had an experience like this. For this we have to thank Kohila & Reshma for giving us the opportunity to capture their wedding.

Furniture Catalog

We were asked to do a commercial shoot for a furniture catalog and the client showed us some samples from overseas.... We were like, wow! To recreate something similar to western styled high quality furniture shoot that will appeal to the clients from USA and also Europe markets as their target market is actually there. At first, we were wondering whether we could be able to carry out such a request, then again, after some studying on the methodology and style, we came up with this: