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Wedding at Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help. Ipoh

One of the churches that we have always loved to shoot in is the  Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help in Ipoh Garden. The church's interior is rather classic with challenging lighting situations and of course, the certain rules for the photographer who wants to use flash. Then again, our job is to shoot the moments and we have to tackle these challenges head on without the rules breaking our spirit. Since we are professional photographers doing our job, we cannot tell our clients the situation does not permit us to be at our best. We have to make do with whatever situations that comes to us and able to deliver as well. One thing about weddings, there has never been a wedding that is the same and these are the things that spurs us further and gives us the adrenalin push to achieve higher. We here at Jet Fynn Photography thrives on these challenges and our team are ever ready to serve no matter what the situations that come may. Here's a wedding photo taken at Church of

When almost everyone is still asleep......

One of the joys of being a wedding photographer is to work in wee hours on an actual day wedding when everyone is still practically asleep. The other person would be the make up artist who would arrive at least half an hour to one hour earlier than us......   We have been doing these for years and come to think of it, we still LOVED to do it! Capturing the joys and the laughter and not to forget, the historical moments usually from a professional photographer's perspective from years and experience can visualise. Call us at 016 - 523 0161 for more information (whatsapp/viber/wechat/line)