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Very very simple pre-wedding shoot at Jet Fynn Studio

How simple is simple? Well, there are clients who actually only want 1 pose. We were wondering.... 1 pose? Is that true? We discussed with them to take at least a few pose lar....justified all the costs of renting the gown, make-up and so on. So here's the few simple shots taken in our studio here in Ipoh.

Wedding Ring

In many cultures, in fact in most of the weddings that we took, rings plays a very important part in what most people will call, "Sealing of marriage vows" It's true. Be it a Chinese wedding, Indian wedding, Malay wedding or even amongst other cultures ie: Western / Christian weddings. Of course there are variations to that theme like a necklace but rings take precedence in most weddings. Here's one exchange of ring photo to share:

Happy Deepavali

It's the time of the year again where most of the people who celebrates this Festival of Lights would be coming out in droves and celebrate this beautiful event and here we are, wishing everyone a very Happy Deepavali! Cheers!

Got featured as photographer of the month in

It was one of the surprises of the month as I had an email from Loctormayat mentioning that I was chosen to be the featured photographer for the month of October for the forum Photomalaysia. I replied the email asking him is it true? Stop pulling my legs and this is October lar...not 1st April...... He mentioned that Photomalaysia was featuring a wedding photographer and I had the necessary credentials to be featured. All I had to do was to answer these simple questions: 1) Please tell us a little about yourself. 2) What is your photography history? 3) What is your style? What makes you different from the other wedding photographer? 4) Any advise for young and aspiring wedding photographers in Suddenly I realised I did not really updated my resume and had to crack my head to dig into what to answer. So I spend some time digging into some of my work and selected a few to be posted. Well, well, well, those memories of the weddings that I covered came running back. Usually w