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My First Webpage

This was my first self designed webpage. Learnt HTML the hard way by surfing websites that gave tutorials on web design for a couple of weeks before venturing out to design one. Anyway, take a look at the one previously done and the one that I have currently at and compare.

Cherish Flowers "SPECIAL" Gift for couples

Cherish Flowers, located at Ipoh Garden East will be sponsoring VALENTINE"S Photography session at our Jet Fynn Photography Studio for the first 50 couples who purchases Valentine's Flower Bouquet from their shop. It's a very interesting and useful gift for couples to have their pictures taken to commemorate the special day.... Their website is at: Though the promotion is not listed at their website, they wanted to give their customers a "special" surprise! (Don't mention that you guys saw this blog!.......hahaha)

Letchimi - Deepavali Queen Contestant

Letchimi - the winner for Deepavali Queen -Miss Photogenic She is one of the rare beauty that shines through with minimal or even without any make-up. It was an interesting photography session at our Ipoh Jet Fynn Photography studio where we spent about 2 hours shooting the various poses and a few change of clothes to have several types of theme. Jovial person to work with and she can listen to instructions well and also shares her opinions on how she would like her pictures taken too.

Graduation Pictures

Every now and then we were asked to capture pictures of graduates and also their family. These we always obliged as there are many graduates came our way yearly. Then again, sometimes the "normal" shots taken for a typical graduate just doesn't cut it. Let's see, sometimes we were surprised as they came from all over Malaysia to our studio. Just recently we had a family who came all the way from Kuching, Sarawak! (Thanks, Eva & Family!) Creativity and thinking out of the box do have it's advantages. Personally, there were a number of people who asked why in our studio we do not have the "standard" bookshelf backdrop. Hmmm.... how to answer that question? Actually, we wanted to be a little different from the other standard offerings here at our Jet Fynn Studio.