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What? No more lip gloss? How ar? EMERGENCY!

I think the title says it all............ ;-) Sometimes we as official wedding photographers, we have to think of something fast to enable us to get the message through in many of our pictures. That's the easy part. The difficult part is..... to be able to get the person to do what we visualise. Happy viewing!

Fei and Fancy Wedding in Ipoh

As official wedding photographers for Fei and Fancy's wedding, here's sharing some of the pictures from their wedding. They do know how to have fun and their entourage of people really can play games with and against each other. In the end, it's still the fun which makes a typical wedding so memorable. As wedding photographers, we do enjoy being part of their wedding day. *Done with minimal PP. Just simple cropping. Hence, some imperfections are still there for all to see. 1a. What's that? 1b. Blended Chili? 2. No angpow, No talk! 3.Honey, I promise I'll listen to you.....

TT session & what is photography all about sharing session

I had a very nice time sharing some of my knowledge on photography with a group of enthusiasts and members from Photomalaysia. Started off with me sharing on the topic "What is photography" which entails photo = light, graphy = graphics or pictures and about light and its different types which may affect the final outcome of the pictures. Then I invited Oky to share his prize winning shot that uses HDR and he shared some of his techniques on HDR as well. In the end, everyone had fun and we posed for a group photo using pelepat80's camera. Here below is the pictures of us doing a formal and the fun shot! Enjoy!