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Colin and Lorraine Wedding

Colin and Lorraine's wedding as covered by the Ipoh Wedding Photographer. This lovely couple came to see us after getting to know us from various sources, ie: friends and relatives. After they came to our studio to see our samples, suddenly it occurred to them that one of their cousin's wedding was covered by us as well.......... Perhaps at that time they did not realise that. Busy enjoying themselves to think about looking for the photographer....hahahah. Anyway, showed them some of our samples and they confirmed us rather early. As Colin was filling out the form, I noticed that his dad's name looked so familiar. Jerry Francis. Hmmmm, where did that name came from, rings a bell. Suddenly it dawned on me that it was the Jerry Francis of New Straits Times where I applied a job as a stringer and a freelance photographer way back in 1986! Anyway, back to the couple in today's post. Colin and Lorraine. Here's some images from their wedding. Publish Post

Malay Wedding magazine cover style from the archives

This is one of the first picture which we attempted to do a malay wedding magazine cover way back in 2005. The design isn't that difficult to execute but then, those days when we know nuts about image editing software, (we were still in film camera mode in transition to digital) this was a big challenge then.

Graduation pics

One of the more interesting things that we look forward to every year is the annual graduation pics for the kindergartens. It will be the time to capture the "graduates" from the kindergartens. The process entails bringing our entire Ipoh Photography Studio's equipment to the school in order to get capture those smiles, cheekiness and some may even show anxiety in front of the camera! They would be feeling the effects of upgrading to a formal school then. Anyway, here's sharing some of the pictures taken by us. (Taken from the archives)

John and Hwai Yee

One of the more interesting weddings which happened a few years ago where the couple, John and Hwai Yei, engaged us for their wedding photography without even seeing us at all. Just chatted over the phone and voila! We clicked and they gave the job to us. The interesting part is that the wedding actually held in 2 locations far, far away from our Ipoh base. The bride's "chut mun" is at Safira Club, at Seberang Prai and the groom's house is at Kulim, Kedah. The day came and we started the journey from Ipoh around 5 a.m. to reach Safira Club around 7 a.m. Just in time to catch Hwai Yei's preparations for the day. ie: the make-up session. Both these couples really are cheeky and they do show a myriad of emotions and joked at one another. Knowing that they are comfortable with each other and the amount of energy between them is great for us as well. Here are some pics from their wedding. The preparations The meet The group photo The Cheers! The Happin