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Gua Kasi Lu 5 Sen

In an Indian wedding when the couple goes back home after the temple ceremony, the family members will ask the couple for a small "toll" as an inducement for then to unlock and open the door. The amount may not be much actually and the token amount is shared amongst themselves. Sometimes the groom has his own ideas to have fun during these times (The Groom Whisperer a.k.a. The Photographer) also "helps" a bit in the games. The photos will have some form of a nice storyline to share in the future. As for us, the Jet Fynn Photography team based here in Ipoh has always prodded clients to have fun and have a great time during their weddings. That will make our jobs easier in addition to creating an atmosphere where all guests are willing participants in the games which will eventually be recorded in a stunningly visual experience later when the photos or albums are delivered.    After all these, do you think the groom can get away with just paying 5 cents?