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C.A.T.S. The Musical - Ipoh Version

CATS, The Musical, the show that I dreamed of seeing since I knew about it, but then it's located overseas. When I had the chance to shoot the cast of the local version, I jumped at the opportunity to do so. For these I had to thank Datin Rosalina Ooi for she assembled the CATS team, trained them personally and gave them the opportunity to perform as well. I must say they are great! The charisma, agility and the performance takes a person's breathe away. I'm sure they took mine.

The look of satisfaction

Sometime we get our bride's to do something out of the ordinary and also get her hubby to do the same. This is one of the "composed" shots that we like to do. This couple, Kevin and Yee Mei got us, the Ipoh Photographers to go down to KL to capture their actual day wedding starting from The Royal Bintang Hotel. Here's one of the pictures just after all the necessary ceremonies completed. (Kau tim liao?) ;-)