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Cheers - Always a place for it

Cheers or Yam Seng or Kampai.... the very words that is used when we cheer each other for a drink or some would go to finish up their glass to the very last drop. Some would call it "Bottoms Up!" Drinking for any happy occasion is a very good way to relieve stress and perhaps to create a closer bond between the group one belongs to. Sometimes we have to make sure we don't overdo it though. Hangover is one thing that we don't need. Anyway, signing off for today is a picture taken on the occasion of a garden wedding held in Clearwater Sanctuary, Batu Gajah by us. Cheers everyone!

Baby Jia Jia

One of the most "coolest" baby that we had in our studio because of her temperament during the photo sitting at the Jet Fynn Studio. No crying, fears or clinging on to mum during the entire shoot. Really liked her personality where she can do quite a lot of "poses" where sometimes kids or grown ups needed more prodding..... In other words, she is a natural.

Zher - The New 8TV Quickie Host

Portraits of Zher, taken by us 4 years ago before she became the new 8TV Quickie host at our Jet Fynn Photography Studio in Ipoh. The best part of it is she asked her friend to drive her all the way from KL to Ipoh just for the portrait session. We had spent about 2 hours for the photoshoot doing plenty of poses with a few change of clothes that ranges from the casual look to the hip look. Sharing 2 images here. We were very honoured to have taken her portraits at our studio. She was featured in our website's banner too (We didn't change the banner for a long long time already):

We Came, We Saw, We Copy, We Do

This couple Terry & Jovo, engaged us the Ipoh Photographers to go all the way down to Teluk Intan and Langkap to cover their wedding. Sometimes an inspiration just pops out and we ask the couple to do something out of the ordinary. Note the motif on the cloth they were carrying. They are supposed to copy their pose exactly as per the motif. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. This one we believe it captured their cheekiness are using it for their CD cover. :D

Studio Portraits - Indoor & Outdoor

Studio photography is one of the areas where one can really control the lighting to get the pictures according to the feel or the mood that a photographer wants. We here at Jet Fynn Photography in Ipoh always experiment with new concepts and lighting styles according to the client's requirements or briefing. Be it a personal portrait or even a group photo, the idea is to control the studio lights in a way to make the subject look more 3 dimensional and more pleasing to the eye of the viewer. Sometimes we even have clients who brings along a magazine cutout and request us to do the same. We will always gladly oblige. There are no hard and fast rules on going about this. Experiment until a style of your own or most comfortable with. In this digital age, experimenting like these is the norm.

Flash Meter

This is one gadget that most new digital photographers tend to miss out due to the the digital review on the DSLR. During the film days, this is one tool that a professional photographer needs to have in his arsenal so as to get the light reading right on spot before the actual shooting takes place. Now what we can see most photographers do is that the shoot, view through their LCD screends, make necessary adjustments and shoot again. So much easier. Then again, this small gadget is very useful for metering the amount of adjustments needed before the shoot and waste shutter clicks. Ah well, different opinions amongst photographers may result in diverse use for this gadget. To me personally, the flash meter has been with me for more than 10 years now and it's still being utilised for some detailed shoots at our Ipoh Photography Studio.