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Took a break overseas - Yogjakrta, Prambanan & Borobudur

Sometimes taking a break from the normal routine of working, working, and more work, we should take a holiday of some sort to clear the mind and perhaps expand the mind to include other things. Getting out of the same routine of photographing weddings, weddings and more weddings is rather repetitious. Like spending more time with family, friends and to a longer extent, staff. We planned this holiday break last year, welcomed it last week and came back just a few days ago. The whole journey was a simple one. Our target was Jogja, Prambanan & Borobudur - 5 days. Quite a free and easy relaxing trip I would say. The whole trip actually gave us new ideas and new concepts which we will apply on our next photography assignment and more. Here are some of the pictures from that trip.

Victorian Rhapsody in Keretapi Tanah Melayu Station. Ipoh

This is one event where one can wonder, Victorian era theme for a charity function? At first, we were wondering how the theme can be accepted by the Ipoh community at large. Then again, with the guidance of Adrian Fu, the organiser, the event went well. Very successful I would say. Glad that we the Jet Fynn Photographers were able to be part of the event that is held at the KTM Station. How appropriate! The ambience of the place do lend itself to a Victorian era feel to it. The participants themselves also took it to themselves to dress appropriately to adhere to the theme. With the added fashion show and also Datin Rosalina personally teaching the participants to a classical dance routine, everyone had FUN!

Afghan Girl - An Inspiration on concept

Afghan girl - The image taken by Steve McCurry, actually has produced an inspiration for Jet Fynn's wedding portrait photography. The eyes, especially the eyes of the girl tells a story by itself. One is taken during an Afghan war and we contrast it with a shot taken on a happy occasion, a wedding. Both have mesmerising eyes which fascinates us. That's where the similarities ends.