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The first dish is always the most delicious for Chinese Wedding Dinner

The first dish of any chinese wedding dinner is always almost completely consumed and forgotten. Whether it tastes good or not might or might not be remembered as many would agree that they are very hungry and will eat anything! Our job as experienced professional photographers always take pictures of the food before it is consumed as a historical momento though the significance of this picture to many will only be realised much much later. So, clients who engage us will have peace of mind that our concentration of photography coverage also includes small nuggets like these. Just call us at our Ipoh office 016 - 5230161 for enquiries and consultation or visit us at for more details.

A loving touch from the groom leads to a beautiful smile from the bride

Being a wedding photographer being able to capture the moment of the smile, the touch and the excitement all rolled into one that many will enjoy to see over and over again does give the photographer the satisfaction of a job well done. Thanks Yournesh and Nithya for engaging us to be the official photographers for your wedding in Ipoh. Any enquiries just call us at 016-5230161 Whatsapp/Line/Viber/Wechat

Photoworld Asia 2014

It was a rather busy year for us in 2014 which started off with a big bang as our principal photographer, Mr. Ong Min Ho was honoured to be invited to be one of the international guest speaker in Philippines at Photoworld Asia which was held in Makati. It was fun filled with days of sharing images, ideas and meeting up people from all over Asia. Meeting up with who's who of the photography industry in Philippines and more. The icing in the cake was Min Ho is sharing the same platform with the world's no.1 wedding photographer Mr. Denis Reggie talking about weddings. Min Ho shared his experience of shooting weddings since 1982. Imagine, 32 years of shooting weddings of all types spanning multiple cultures and religious range encompassing Malay, Chinese, Indian, European and even cross cultural weddings where in these new age where people of all walks of life find love regardless of race, culture and religion. The link can be seen here:

OMG! I have to sponsor everyone to attend my honeymoon?

That's the reaction I have always managed to shoot as the groom usually wasn't expecting this coming. (Then I would have made a pact with the bride and her entourage of bridesmaids and friends) Natural reaction to a statement, a joke tends to lighten things up and the photographer in charge will be able to get the shots that he wanted. Then again, the photographer must of course know when is the appropriate time to click as these moments when repeated, tends to lose its oomph factor. Enjoy! Just call us at 016-5230161 for more information on how to get us to cover your event!