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Money, Money, MONEY!

Where does the money or ang pow collected during a wedding dinner reception goes to? The methods are: 1) Collect and go home to count. 2) Immediately count and pay the restaurant bills. Actually it is advisable to take option 2 as carrying too much cash around tends to attract non- desirable attention.

An Indian Wedding in Penang by Ipoh Photographer

We the Ipoh Photographers were asked to cover an Indian wedding in Penang for Sujatha and Saravanan. Amongst all the cultures that we have taken thus far, Indian weddings are more colourful and rich in their various ways and customs. Their many thousand years of history and culture which really shows out in their wedding ceremonies. Some unedited works to share from that wedding:

Interviewed by newspaper

One of the achievements that we really cherished for Jet Fynn Photography was when a newspaper reporter from Oriental Daily News came up to us to get an interview. Apparently we were recommended as one of the top photographers based in Ipoh, Perak. Hence the interview. We chatted our our work, how we came about, showed her the pictures that we have done for our clients over the years and how the company came about. What surprised us was that they gave us a full page write-up instead of an article which we usually see for other people that they interviewed. We were deeply honoured with that. Below here is the page from that interview depicting our style which is unique. That's according to the reporter who saw our work.

Victor's Graduation

Victor's Graduation pictures. He wanted to take this series with a difference as compared to the normal portrait poses for the typical graduates. Hence we tried out several different poses and we came out with these at our Ipoh Studio.