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Benjamin and Geetha

Benjamin from England and Geetha, a lovely Indian Bride had their wedding done in Sungai Siput with the ceremony done in an Indian Temple. The couple, their friends and family had a great time and so did I. And to think that Geetha called from England to confirm us. The interesting item that I came to find out later was her dad actually asked her this, " How does a Chinese Photographer know about Indian Culture?" I actually surmised to myself, let's do our job and let them have their memories as per what we usually do for every wedding project that we undertook. When the delivery came, her dad came for the CD copy. He commented that Anne & I did a good job together with one of our photographer Kenneth. WOW! That compliment made my day! (Thanks Mr.Vasu!)

Portraits of 2 Indian Girls

Both of them were contestants to a beauty contest held in Ipoh and came over to our Ipoh Photography Studio for their portfolio photoshoot. Here are some of their pictures:

I appeared on youtube!

The wedding of Jean and Justin was fun as they planned a great surprise for their guests and relatives. It was held at Damai Laut Resort and we are the official photographers. The best part is.... Jean booked us from Australia. Anyway, here's the video posted on youtube: I appeared twice there! hahaha. Sorry to the videographer though.

Baby Syuen

One of the more regular clients that we have is this baby Syuen. She has this cute look on her everytime I lift up the camera. Babies have an attention span during a photoshoot of about 25-35 minutes, thus we really need to work fast to get the shots right!

Vilma and Ming

Imagine suddenly we at Jet Fynn Photography here in Ipoh received a phone call one lazy Sunday afternoon from overseas (USA, more specifically) asking us whether we accept bookings for a studio portraiture. Naturally we felt elated as they booked us 6 months ahead. When the day came we were wondering how they look like, and wow! Both of them look fabulous! We spent sometime chatting during the make-up and hairdo session and found that Ming was actually a local guy who is now based in USA and Vilma is a lawyer also based in USA but originally from Panama. Here's the results from that studio session.

Jack & Athena Wedding

One of the things about weddings is that sometimes one learns that new experiences are to be enjoyed. There are times impromptu items which traditionally needs a long time to complete may find a new twist to it. ie: the shaking hands of relatives. (What if there are too many and there's a time constraints?) Solution: Ask them to line up in a row and the groom/bride shakes their hands while running! Well, in the end, a happy family is all that matters!