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Not enough gloss on your lips? Try this!

In case of emergency, sometimes brides go to great lengths to make sure they look good! Sometimes they may go to extreme make-up methods which is waaaayyyyyyy out of the normal practise. A good example would be this: Scenario: Bride not enough lip gloss. Solution : Use whatever gloss that is in the room. Here's how it looks like: P/S: Do not try this at home. We do not know whether the chemicals in the usage of this type of gloss is FDA approved or not! Use at your own discretion. Don't quote us if you do!

Life Imitates Art or Art Imitates Life?

Sometimes when we shoot a wedding, we do take note of our surroundings and the details that are present in it. Certain people loves to collect figurines and other collectibles that we can use as "props" for their wedding photoshoot. Here's an example of this:

GOLD! A must have accessory in a wedding

Gold, a mere mention of the word will bring about a lot of intense memory of value and stuffs that associates with it, especially during any weddings be it in Malaysia or in other parts of the world especially in Asia where gold has and have always been held in high esteem on keeping the value as compared to other forms of jewelry for a wedding. Today's sharing is from a wedding done where it was placed on a tray for a few minutes only and I had to shoot the item before it was taken to be given to the couple. The shine is so clear that I can even see myself in it too!. Here's wishing everyone a Happy, Productive, Healthy and Wealthy 2013!