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Zaihidy and Hani wedding in Kuala Kangsar by Ipoh Photographers

Clients who loved our work usually will recommend their friends and relatives to cover their weddings. We have one couple who asked us to travel all the way from Ipoh to Kuala Kangar for the their wedding. The bride's sister highly recommended us and the couple trusted her so much that they didn't even need to see our portfolio which we usually do. The day came and it was a busy day for everyone running about doing their stuffs and I casually waked over to the bride's room after saying hi to the people inside her house. The bride looked so radiant! Of course they do, as always. We did our job as usual and after the necessary shots were taken, we found that we had time, we ventured outdoors to take pictures around the Istana Iskandariah and the famous Masjid Ubudiah in Bukit Chandan. We went to several other places as well and truly enjoyed ourselves.  Here's some pics from their wedding:    

Happy Valentine's Day & Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone

One of the days that most of us are looking for every year for lovers and families. Then again, the question of choices will come. ie: To spend a day with your loved one or to spend the day with your family? Anyway, whatever the choices are, it's time to celebrate! All of us here in Jet Fynn Photography Ipoh wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's Day! Here's one picture of a happily married couple who have all the "sparks" of Valentine's to share with you all.