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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

It's Christmas time again and the usual rounds of merry and wishing each other is high on the air. Festivities galore with shoppings, holidays, meeting up with friends and families together this yuletide season...... And I have to work because there is one lovely couple getting married...... Hmmmm, will be spending my Christmas again with clients. Seems to be the trend to get hitched during the holiday or festive season because that is the time where most of the friends and relatives would be free. To sign off this blog for Christmas, let me share a picture of Fook Kheong and Wai Sheong taken in our studio for their pre-wedding where we had fun capturing the X'mas spirit! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

Rebekah & Sunil Engagement

Sometimes we were asked: Can you do an Indian wedding because we don't see any of your Indian wedding portfolio in your website. Well, we were rather busy lately to really update our website to include the many Indian weddings that we have covered over the years. As such, we are posting Rebekah & Sunil's Engagement shots here which was taken recently to showcase our ability to cover an Indian wedding. One thing for sure, Indian weddings have one of the more colourful weddings as compared to the other races that we have in Malaysia. It is also a fact that Indian culture dates back to a few thousand years, we just have to appreciate the richness of their culture.

Thinking Games for Wedding

Sometimes we get to see "new" ideas from the chee mui's on games during Actual Day Wedding. This one would be one of the safest for the guys! No need to go through the "usual" "eating" program that bugs a lot of weddings.