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I went to my Parent's Wedding!

Our experiences with weddings all these years tells us one thing. There's ALWAYS something NEW to expect and no two weddings are alike. Here's one with a unique twist of events where we were privileged to cover recently and the wedding was a joyous celebration with an extra bundle of joy joining his parents in the celebrations! This historical moments usually don't happen but then, as mentioned, this one is unique, right? The baby does enjoy the limelight with his parents! If friends or you need any experienced photographers who can cover all these, just give us a call at +6016 - 523 0161. Our line are open for viber, wechat, Line and also Watsapp. Hope to hear from you soon!

Food for wedding games - Not for the faint hearted

We at Jet Fynn Photography studio at Ipoh sometimes get to cover weddings where the bride's chee mui's are very: 1) Creative 2) Daring 3) I don't know how to categorise them! Then again, these items are actually good to get the instant genuine response from the "heng tai's" which includes the groom and the torture that they have to endure in order for them to get through first base in a typical Chinese actual day wedding. Here's one of the sample: Worms on a cupcake!

Chinese Bride, Indian Groom = Chindian Wedding!

We in Malaysia are such a multicultural country with its diverse people with different ethnicity, there are bound to be love crossing boundaries. Our studio, Jet Fynn Photography has its fair share of these weddings and its always a joy being able to capture the multiple characteristics of the mixed weddings. There is one thing in common in all these, the love the couple has and the blessings of the family and friends. Call us at 016-5230161 if you have planned a wedding!

After ROM, what else to do?

Usually at Registration of Marriage or more commonly known as ROM, it is a private affair where only the close relatives and friends attend. Couples usually hire a professional photographer when they know that those memories are rare and priceless! To us at Jet Fynn Photography, we go the extra mile a little bit when clients hire us. Then again, couples who loved our work will listen and carry out what we envisioned before the shoot! Here's one of them to share here:

Wait la! Mum's looking!

At times, we saw something interesting that is about to happen and we have to make decisions fast to capture that moment in time. It may not be perfectly sharp or perfect and yet the moment is truly priceless! Moments that is very, very difficult to replicate as the genuineness of the action once repeated, something is sure to be missing. Here's sharing one of our Malay wedding moment taken somewhere in Ipoh.