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University Teknologi Petronas Graduates Photoshoot at Jet Fynn Studio

Some graduates of Universiti Teknologi Petronas or UTP wanted something different from the common commercial studio's offerings and they came over to our Jet Fynn Studio here in Ipoh for their graduation photoshoot last year for a more personalised type of images. We obliged to their special requests to have something different and here below are some of the samples from their photoshoot and many of them loved it so much and they even recommended many of their friends to make appointments as well. We truly enjoyed ourselves as many of them came from near and as far as from Sarawak as well! Not only that, their families were involved in the photoshoot sharing the joys of the achievement and it shows in the outcome too!

Burger King, Burger King! BURGER KING!

We were asked to cover the Burger King official opening event in Ipoh recently and the response to the event was very encouraging as the customers went in and out non-stop. There were games, contests, 2 beautiful princess for the "King" of the day photoshoot, music and many many more! We also set up an instant print centre for clients to get their 4R prints as well. Many of them took home a lot of beautiful memories of going to Burger King on that day. We were glad to be part of the whole process.