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Jet Fynn sidelined to take Food Photography

There are occasions where clients will ask, "Do you Jetfynn do anything else other than shooting for weddings and studio portraits? How about food?" We answered, ok. We can try to do food. After the shoot, the clients continued... "Can you do the design as well?" We also answered: "We can try to do that as well....." Later after the design came out, the next question, "Can you do the print, make it into a signboard and hang it up also?" Huh? And we still obliged. Cannot turn away a good customer ma..... And here is the front and back of the signboard. ;-)

Can't do it outdoors? Do it indoors!

At certain times, some of the pictures we wanted to take can't be done outdoors due to the weather. ie: flower tossing to the girls. So we need to come out with out of the box ideas and execute them indoors with blessings from the couple and their entourage of people! Here's one of them:

Choon Hong and Ee Lan Wedding

Some couple went through a lot of experiences before they actually get to marry. This couple went through a lot and at last they got married. The speech relating their trials and tribulations in order to be together made a lot of people in the church located at Jalan Yang Kalsom, Ipoh went emotional and some even cried including the bride. In the end, a happy ending is ALWAYS emotional!