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It's 4 A.M. in the morning, why are you up? Covering an Indian wedding of course!

All of the cultures here in Malaysia believes in getting married. In fact, all cultures everywhere in the world encourages people to get married. It's just the customs, traditions and time of the wedding that takes place varies. We are lucky in the sense that Malaysia, is after all Truly Asia! One of the unique ones in Malaysia are the Indians. Sometimes their auspicious time is actually 4 A.M. when most of us are all soundly asleep! We here at Jet Fynn Photography have experienced many of these over the years. Here's one that our client engaged us to go all the way to Alor Star, Kedah from our base here in Ipoh.

What are friends for?

What are friends for? Friends in a wedding really cheers up the environment and the mood!  The sharing of joyous moments with friends, relatives and other family members do brighten up a day already happy as these moments for many, comes once in a lifetime.  All these people will come from far and near to celebrate with the bride & groom on their wedding. We here at Jet Fynn Photography, Ipoh looks for all these or even suggests the people to give us these poses to be captured by us so that the moments of the day are kept for eternity! Anyone getting married? Just give us a call!

Promotional tie up with Cosmecnique for Beauty Makeover Photoshoot

Jet Fynn Photography have always got a team ready to do for companies that needs to do promotional photography for instant printing. These are from a tie up with Cosmecnique Paris. We do travel all over Perak and also outstation as well. Do call us at 016-5230161 whatsapp/line/viber/wechat for further enquiries. These instant printing program is also available for weddings & birthday parties too!