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A bit about Jet Fynn from the past until 2011

It's the time of the year again to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year 2011... ( I'm late by a few days - busy with work. Sorry! ) Jet Fynn as a company is 15 years old this year as we started a long way back in 1996 operating from our humble home on a part-time basis until what we are now to cater for our clients' growing needs. They are our pillars of support as without them, Jet Fynn wouldn't be able to be around for so long. Looking back, the early years was a struggle and much work had to be done to convince people that photography is a profession just like any other, the person needs to have the dedication, commitment and of course the creativity to be able to carry out client's needs. Sometimes we get straightforward requests and certain times we get very challenging requests from customers. All of them are taken in enthusiastically as they are something new every time. At times we are honoured and also there are times we were deeply humbled at the comp